A great company

Personality Gym is a privately owned company, which has set its mind on designing such home gym products, which you actually would like to have in your home - wherever and however you live.

The roots of Personality Gym are found in the very same region in Sweden where success stories like Volvo, IKEA, Husqvarna, SKF and Swedish Match have had their cradles. Personality Gym thus nurtures a tradition of world-class design, quality and industrial knowledge.

Personality Gym aspires to serve you, wherever you reside, in the most professional way possible by finding the most prominent resellers in the industry. While we gradually build this global service network for you, you can always use our web facilities for your purchases.

Personality Gym has a series of new Personality fitness products in various stages on its drawing board. We will make them available for you as soon as, but not before, we feel they meet our high standards in terms of design, quality and usefulness.